Friday, May 6, 2011

Social Detox and Dressing Up

Usually this refers to the diets that achieve a supposedly cleaner system and the much desired weight loss. And while yes that would work, temporarily at least, I'm not referring to that form of detox. I want to talk about something I'd like to call SOCIAL detox.
This stems from being dragged down by people's opinions, good or bad. Sometimes, its a good idea to shut it out, and be yourself. Imagine a society where you weren't labelled and didn't feel the need to be labelled, to fit in or to please anyone but yourself. Since such a place doesn't exist for the most of us, taking a little time off from what everyone thinks, can be astonishingly refreshing. You can do things that you didn't think you would or do just those things that are expected. Go ahead and put in the effort of either shutting out people temporarily and liberating yourself.
Now, look at your closet and dress up!
It gets better with practice when your outfits aren't dictated by the fashion moguls, when the only taste that matters is yours. Whats in fashion and what matches is a personal opinion. This is not something swanky degrees and titles can change or should be able to change. Wear your nightclothes to a ball and your dressy gown to the beach if you desire. Clothes are just that. Clothes. They're there for you to experiment, wear and HAVE FUN with.
Let loose. :)

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  1. yo!! i agree, clothes that look good on oneself are the ones that matter :D
    also i would love a social detox!!!