Saturday, May 7, 2011

Iced Tea

The weather here has been crazily hot and I've been guzzling down diet sodas. Sick. I feel sick.
When will I learn that aerated drinks do terrible damage to the body?

Its time for iced tea. Easy home-made iced tea.
Brew some tea. You can use whatever flavor and tea leaves or tea bags. (I'm using Earl Grey Green tea with lemon flavor). Just make it twice or thrice as strong as usual. Let it steep in a container. Overnight is best but a few hours suffice.

Mix with cold water to the level of concentration you desire and add sweetener. YUM.
I feel better already. :) 


  1. ya i've given up on aerated drinks...just stopped having them..i prefer the hard stuff ;)
    iced tea is awesome in summer :)

  2. It is! And its so easy to make!