Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY: Studded Jacket

Materials: Black cardigan, studs, hammer
Pierce jacket with studs down the front edges and on the ends of the sleeves, hammer in the pointy side to prevent poking.
Bonus: Make a cool patter on the cardigan if you're feeling creative
Super Simple

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shopping and Skulls

After two days and negligible sleep and lots of work, guess what I did? Hit the stores, of course. Why nap when you can shop! There was an article I read somewhere about how we just say we're addicted to everything these days ( I think its this months Elle, India). Maybe that's my disease, maybe  I am just a shopaholic, a victim to the lure of items on the glossy pages of Vogue. The truth is, give me pretty little things to look at and buy and a stack of fashion magazines with some iced tea and I've got a whole bunch of afternoons figured out. 

Its not like I'm pioneering a new concept here, I think Confessions of a Shopaholic pretty much summed it up for all of us (and ensured I use only debit, and not credit, cards). But when is it too much?

After much looking, a multi finger skull ring.
Perfect to add edgy to my feminine side
Is it wrong to feel blissful in a room full of leopard print and bright lingerie? Is it wrong to waltz around looking for new members to my belt and skirts collections? Maybe if I prefer it to sleep, and continue that pattern.

Are you an addict to shopping, succumbing to your every urge to buy that latest pair of Pallazo pants and shimmery orange eye shadow? Fortunately for my bank account, I am stuck in a crazy life of  law student who also lives a forty-five minute auto ride (at the best of times) from decadent piles of handmade stationery and leather bags.
Keeping reading, I'm looking for was to combine my love for stationery, fashion and laziness. DIY time, baby. DIY, soon up.:)

Conditioned Behaviour

We all seem to have certain patterns. In life, with habits, relationships, work, and so on. My terrible pattern is not finishing. I plan brilliantly, set targets achieve for a few days and then poof. Unless there's an appreciative audience (even singular), or the work is terribly important, my efforts die down pretty soon until I work up the energy and re-start, from scratch. Which is a rather awful strategy. This blog for instance, I haven't blogged in a while and I felt like doing it again, so I was about to hit delete and restart, which makes no sense. So, resolution one, break pattern, resolution number two: stay true to resolution number one. I wont succumb to Pavlov's bell. So hah!
If only it was as easy to apply this to relationships. :p

What are your patterns? Considering breaking out?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monthly Vows

You know whats awesome? A little bit of sparkle during the day to make you happy. Because shiny sparkly things make me happy and shouldn't be limited to night outs. So I vow to wear at least one shiny sparkly thing, be it clothing, accessory, anything, everyday for one month.

My other vow? Given the amount of food I eat, and that its usually not healthy AND that my new year resolutions have fizzled out, I also vow to work out at least five days a weak, come illness or projects, for at least one hour.

Lets rock it.
Oh and speaking of sparkle. I Want:

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Its spring! And its hot. Which means I want to wear dresses all the time. Which for some reason in college isn't always acceptable- too strappy, too dressy, etc. So here goes my attempt at dressin' 'em down a little.

 Add shiny or chunky bracelets and its spring-friendly! How do you dress for spring?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Have you met Surbhi?

She was always interested in art as a little girl and then fell in love with the glossy pages of Vogue which became her second world. But that didn’t make career choosing any easier. Although she got through the top two design schools for two years in a row, she  wasn't sure if that was what she wanted to do.

Instead, she opted for an economics course and had a hate relationship with the graphs and calculations. But she doesn’t regret it- it reinforced what she really wanted to do. After doing a foundation year at LCF she settled on the marketing side of fashion and made it through the extremely selective process for the Fashion management course.

And she LOVES it. Its work hard and party hard and also getting prepared for the real world. There’s a lot of studying and independent research required though. When she’s not doing studying or partying, she’s at exhibitions and movies.

Her favorite fashion movie?  The amazing dresses of Gone with the Wind, of course.    If not fashion, she would set up a restaurant. (this lady really is my soul-mate!)
She loves roadside cafes, vintage stores and has a major weakness for dresses and cool looking pendants (her latest is a nautical compass!)
She adores her LBD and claims her flatmates are sick of seeing her in it.

The lady prefers dogs and still loves the Heidi show. She cant step out without a lot of things, but the basics are her blackberry, lip color, keys, fixing powder, and oyster card. You will always find nutella in her fridge!

She’s fascinated by the mystical things in life and wants to go Florence for the  stone paved roads, small huts and peacefulness.

She’s fun, vibrant and full of life and really is my soul sister. If you’re interested in fashion management, she’s brilliant to talk to.

She's currently in London and I cant wait for her to get here!

casual dinner

Casual dinner out?
Wear a cute tank, skirt and belt and dress it down with pretty flats and a cross body clutch. Voila!