Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gaga. GAH!

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YES. She wore THAT. Usually, I love eccentric, even at Gaga level- her egg and hair-bow, her shiny and/or fluorescent contraceptions are usually not bad. eccentric, but in a spunky way. 

BUT THIS. What is it? 

It looks like condom latex and its torturing her boobs. And yet, I can get over that. I can ignore the square patches on her nipples, the overwhelming latex and the strange latex pantyhose thing. So much LATEX. 

The Shoes. How on earth is she walking? How freaking high are they anyway? DUDE. If she had maybe only worn one of the items she is currently wearing (obviously with other clothing, which needs to be reiterated for her), I could have understood it. But I cant. 

So I'm going to stare and try get rid of condom-related Gaga images out of my head and admire her body and ability to walk in those contraptions. Which now look like mutilated horse hooves. SIGH. 

What about you? Are you sold on this latest Gaga Outfit? 


  1. 1. I've never understood Lady Gaga. Now I've stopped trying.

    2. I agree about losing weight. I happen to own a pair of perfectly good, but rather fat ankles, to say nothing of a rather large hip. I can safely blame my genes for both of them. That still doesn't help when I wonder if I bear a distinct resemblance to an oversize pear.

  2. Haha. Lady Gaga is I guess, best left alone.

    As for size, I really wish the designers would stop dictating what is acceptable and what looks good or not. Whatever happened to equal rights to pretty clothes?

  3. not at all. it's pathetic. i don't even know what to make of it, especially the square patches on her boobs, and yes obv the WEIRD shoes thing.
    don't know what to make of it :S

  4. Somebody had commented before you, except blogger was down and deleted it. But I agreed with what they said. I cant try to understand anymore.

    BUT. Man. How does she walk?