Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fitting IN

A lot of the labels these days just DONT carry larger sizes. And when I say larger, I mean if you have a semblance of a butt, you might now fit in. This realization set in funnily enough at a branded jeans store, that I am not going to name, where the skinny sales girl told me they didn't stock low waist jeans higher than waist size 26, so my 28 a that point was not going to fit in. Excuse ME?

Its funny how so many of the celebrities have shed weight to fit in- Bey-once, Rhianna, Lagerfeld, and even Oprah lost weight to be featured on a certain magazine cover.

So what the scene? If I want to wear those pretty designer clothes I must shed it all and subsist possibly on the much made of "cheese-cube diet" popularized by The Devil Wears Prada? 

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I think she looks amazing before and after. But then what fuels the desire to lose weight? Is it the media and the pressure to adhere to the trendy size? Or is it just for the sake of fashion? What do you think?


  1. i feel it is true, to wear something hot, i have to lose weight. as soon as i shed even one inch i look so much better. but the market should have sizes at least, then it's upto us if we want to lose or not. i've been trying to have a flat stomach for so long, just havent worked hard enough. but i would, if i was paid to wear such hot clothes!! i wanttttttt

  2. I'm not sold on the size zero thing completely. Somewhere, they got carried away with the bones obsession.