Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lagerfeld Lovin'

The (now) Skinny Man in a tux and a neat white ponytail.
Karl Lagerfeld.

With no connections in the fashion world, he worked his way up to his current status- starting by competing in a drafting competition, in the days when hand sketching was vital for designers- and all he wanted to do was design skimpy little black dresses that would cause waves of shock.

Since I'm currently not getting work done and obsessing about him, here you go:

Because really, Diet Coke wasn't addictive anyway?
Mais oui, the man has to go ahead and make them look FAB.
Collectibles anyone?
Photo Credit: The Telegraph.
He also revolutionized the little black dress. Check it out here:,8415/Page,2#/imageno/37

With controversies regarding his use of fur, ultra-skinny models and three (yes, THREE) Hummers, the man will no doubt continue to be in the news. Whats the Yummy side? A chocolate room of course.


  1. okay! i'm STUNNED! i love this guy! :D his dresses are soooo good, so wearable, they're amazing!!
    i looove the diet coke bottles also.
    omg,veryy sexy, chocolate room!!? yummmyy

  2. He is awesome. And a legend. And Im currently very obsessed.